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A lot of bacteria and dirt can build up on the surface and in the fibers of your carpet over the years without your notice. There are two main ways to clean your dirty carpets: either you do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. DIYs have proven to be effective but Tallahassee locals prefer hiring professionals to do the work for them to ensure that their carpets are sanitized and cleaned properly.

There is a variety of professional services related to the cleaning of rugs and carpets but which is the best professional carpet cleaning method: Dry carpet cleaning, Hot water extraction, Foam cleaning, Shampooing. We’ll discuss that below.

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Every homeowner knows that cleaning is important but this also involves paying good money for guaranteed service.

Whether you opt to clean upholstery or carpets, you are going to need a reliable professional service to do it properly and clean the hard-to-reach areas.

For someone that lives in a big city like Tallahassee, numerous companies offer the services you need but only a few have highly skilled and trained professionals who know how to deal with the entire gunk.

Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. is the one to call to ensure that carpet cleaning is done right and won’t cost you a lot of money.

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Carpet Shampooing

This method is probably the oldest one and not a lot of people use it because it just doesn’t deliver the same results that the other three methods do. A solution is applied directly onto the carpet that produces suds that you brush around. Once the carpet has been lathered in this solution, it is hosed off to remove all the solution.

If the carpet is not rinsed properly, it can leave a sticky residue. Shampooing also doesn’t get into the fibers of the carpet, it only cleans out surface dirt.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This is the fastest way to clean your carpet, only taking around 30 minutes or so. This is most convenient for individuals who don’t have a lot of time to spare because you will have minimal downtime for your carpet.

A premade solution is sprinkled onto the carpet along with a little water and then a brush is used to push the powder into the fibers that act like a magnet attracting all the dirt and dust lodged inside. After repeating this process a few times, a vacuum sucks away all the excess powder leaving your carpet clean and dry.

Foam Cleaning

If your carpets are exceptionally filthy on the surface, this is the one for you. Foam cleaning involves whipping the cleaning solution until it has a bubble-like consistency then it is spread all over the carpet using a rotating brush. Once you go over the carpet multiple times, let the foam sit for a while and then vacuum it out.

Since this method doesn’t use a lot of water, it should only take two hours or so to complete the task. The foam penetrates better than the shampoo does because it isn’t as diluted with water.

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Hot Water Extraction

Also called steam cleaning, this method is the most commonly used by professionals. This involves spreading a cleaning solution onto your carpet and heating water to temperatures of 150° and 300° Fahrenheit (66-149° Celsius) to produce steam that will have sustained contact with your carpet in order to remove deep-seated stains and dirt and vacuum it after.

The advantage of this method is that it ensures the best sanitization for your carpet and won’t leave any smell or residue. 

The only downside is it will take some time to allow your carpet to dry.
Out of all the methods stated above, Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. recommends hot water extraction or steam cleaning because it removes all the dirt and bacteria that sticks to the surface and the fibers of your carpet ensuring that your carpet is deep cleaned.
In fact professional carpet cleaning has a lot of advantages, one key benefit being that your indoor air quality will improve with frequent professionally cleaned carpets. 

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