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October 3, 2021

You might find it odd to find out that a local Tallahassee Steam Cleaning company would actively promote their competition by writing and publishing an article listing all the best local carpet cleaning services.

We have a bit of a different approach here at Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Company. We don’t shy away from mentioning our competitors quite simply because we want you to compare our services offering, quality of work and prices with the competition.

We are confident in what we do and our commitment to delivering the best quality carpet, steam and upholstery cleaning service in Tallahassee.

We decided to write this article because our customers would often tell us which of our competitors they used previously or who they obtained a quote from before working with us.

And in the interest of making the search and comparison process easier and faster, for you, our potential customer we decided this was a good way to go about it.

So here it is.

The very best steam and carpet cleaning companies in Tallahassee.

Quality Carpet Care

We are pleased to see that this company is also adding antiviral agents to its cleaning products. We decided to do this recently and will continue to offer this until we are a nation well and truly recovered. 

Associated Services
It’s one of the few firms in the city that has a dedicated mold removal and cleaning service. We come across mold more than we care to think about, it’s all too common in this wet Florida climate. If you have or think you might have mold, we’d love you to compare our offering and prices to Associated Services. 

All Steamed Up
Prizes for the best name of one of our competitors has to go to All Steamed Up. From what our customers have told us they have been fairly satisfied with the work done by this company. Be aware they are not a 24 hour firm and have even shorter opening hours on weekends. So if you have an emergency they may not be the right choice for you, depending on when you need a cleaner of course. 

Bowden’s Carpet Cleaning
If you have lived in the area for any length of time, there is a fair chance you have seen their white van with big red and gold decals on the sides. This is one of the few local companies that, like us, also offer an air duct cleaning service. 

Main Cleaning Solutions
In the same way that we do, Main Carpet Solutions uses non-toxic chemicals, which means our cleaning agents are good for the environment, your pets and of course your children. 
We have had clients tell us they used this company for tile and grout cleaning, and they did seem satisfied with the work that was done. 

Carpet Cleaners Tallahassee
Just like us they offer a 24 hours service and also like us they have a specialty in cleaning red wine stains out of carpets. 

Stanley Steemer
Chances are you have heard of this national franchise and as you would expect from a big company like Stanley Steemer their service is good and reliable. However, do not expect because they are a bigger firm they will be cheaper or necessarily do a better job of cleaning your rugs, carpets etc. 

Seminole Carpet Cleaning
We are a little jealous we could not name our company after the Seminoles, but credit to these guys for getting in first.  A reputable outfit around the city with a full service offering, including fire restoration.

And there you have it.

Tallahassee’s best carpet and steam cleaning companies.

We hope that you will use this information to make an informed decision about your next job and that you also reach out to us for a free quote or when you are in urgent assistance for water removal, stains and even fire restoration.  

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