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Steam cleaning is the most common cleaning technique we use when cleaning both residential and commercial carpets.

Because excessive water can damage your carpet, a professional carpet steam cleaning service is proven to be the most efficient way to remove any contaminants while producing the least amount of harm. 

When looking for the best carpet steam cleaner company in Tallahassee, look no further. Our cleaning services are as quick as they are efficient, increasing your carpet’s durability and longevity. 

We also offer furniture cleaning which is a tricky thing. Some things can be cleaned with a little vacuuming while others just won’t budge. For the latter, our team over at Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. offers quality furniture cleaning services through the use of steam cleaners. 


With numerous cuts, patterns, and color combinations, there are a lot of ways to fulfill your style choice when it comes to carpet floors. Ranging from casual and comfy to luxurious and sophisticated, carpets can give a space an entirely different vibe.

​You can also immediately change the mood of the room just by replacing the design of the carpet.  Go for an organized and patterned carpeting for a formal room or a long frieze type design for a more relaxed space.  

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We approach each cleaning job differently and our process always begins with the initial inspection of your carpet type and condition. 

We understand that certain surfaces may require additional care. For instance, we wouldn’t conduct the same methods for a furniture steam cleaner job to that of a rug steam cleaner job. 

Our team of professional and friendly technicians will tailor each treatment service to match what is best for your particular carpet or rug. 


Sometimes dry cleaning your rug isn’t enough.

Most dry cleaners are not able to provide the same effective results that Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. is known for.  

For us, no stain is too hard to tackle. Whether you are looking for residential or commercial steam cleaning, our methods not only save water but can save you time and money.  


We get it – there are moments when you need a carpet pick-me-up.

Your carpet may not be stained or damaged, but it may be lacking the fresh look it once had when you first laid your feet on it.
Our carpet refresh service not only recovers the vibrancy of your carpets, but applies a stain resistant protection layer to ensure your carpet looks and feels beautiful for as long as possible.

Many of our clients – from hotels to other businesses – are a fan of this method, which helps ensure everything looks its best at all times.


Steam cleaning provides a quick and cost-effective way to clean your carpets, with the least amount of water use and damage. 

If we see a stain or imperfection that requires extra care and therefore more cleaning time, we provide you the option to move forward or not. 

We understand that your time may be limited and you need a quick, yet effective fix as soon as possible.  That’s why steam cleaning is an excellent option.

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