Should I Hire a Professional to Steam Clean my Carpets? Or Can I Do it Myself?




Finding people who love to clean is as rare as finding one of the 1943 copper pennies. The chosen few who enjoy carpet cleaning prefer to do it as fast and effortlessly as possible. When it comes to carpet cleaning, a lot of us tend to ignore our carpets.

These pieces of rugs are centerpieces of home décor whether in the study or family room. You could choose the stress-free option of hiring professional services such as Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. or go to the more tiring option of doing it yourself.

​To better understand the steam cleaning process, we’ll look at the different types of carpets so that you’ll have an idea of what you exactly own.

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This is one of the most popular and common carpet types. These are synthetic fibers that are durable which means they fight off wear and tear. On the flip side, this type of carpet is easily susceptible to stains.


This type of carpet is rather popular as it fights off mold and moisture. You likely have one of these on your patio or basement. The only con on this type of carpet is that it is rather uncomfortable to the touch or to walk on.


Wool carpets are considered to be the epitome of premier carpets. Wool is considered to be eco-friendly as it occurs naturally. It is a bit expensive but it covers for that by being durable and resistant to most common stains.


 Acrylic carpets are a popular choice as they are a cheaper alternative to wool. It is not commonly available so one would have to look for it.


Most carpet warranties advise you to deeply clean your carpets at least once in a calendar year. However, there are a few factors to consider when adhering to such instructions. These factors include:


Children tend to cause messes more often and as such you should consider steam cleaning your carpet at least twice a year either professionally or by yourself.


Pets tend to leave fur, mud particles, and stains on carpets. In some instances, these cute human companions leave fleas and other instances on the rugs. Hire a professional from Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. to steam clean your carpet at least thrice a year. You can also lease carpet steam cleaning machines to do it more regularly. Be sure to avoid overdoing it as it may cause your carpet to fade.


This method of carpet cleaning is popularly referred to as hot water extraction. It is the most recommended technique used for professional carpet cleaning  of all carpets. This method makes use of water heated to high temperatures.

This water is then passed through a piece of specialized cleaning equipment known as the steam carpet cleaner. The machine thrushes the hot water and carpet fibers under high pressure.

This in turn dissolves both stain and dirt particles present in the carpet. One can apply natural cleaning compounds with a brush. Cleaning professionals from Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. use specialized applicators to apply the cleaning agents and leave them for about an hour. This ensures that the agents fully dissolve the unwanted particles.

​After this process, they/you can use the steam carpet cleaner to clean the resulting mixture off the carpet. After this, you can hang your carpet to dry or leave it in an air conditioned room for about four or five hours. We recommend doing this during the afternoon so as to let the carpet dry overnight


  • This form of carpet cleaning is very effective as it gets rid of dirt, stains, bacteria, and even insects. The hot water kills insects and bacteria brought on to the carpet by pets. 
  • Gets rid of any pollutants present in the carpet. The hot water cleans harmful products that may have leached onto the carpet from the floor.
  • It is the most used and recommended method of cleaning carpets.


  • This method of carpet cleaning is quite time-consuming as the carpet needs time to completely dry. This can cause inconveniences at both home and office.
  • Carpet steam cleaning is quite expensive when compared to other traditional methods of carpet cleaning. The price is high when you lease or buy the equipment needed but one might be able to save a few coins by using professionals from Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co.  
  • Can cause injuries – you can easily injure yourself while carpet steam cleaning. The hot water or vapor may burn your skin. It is recommended that you let professionals handle this to avoid these injuries.


Professional cleaners such as Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. have specialized steam carpet cleaners that may either be mounted on a truck or small enough to be portable.

For home appointments, they use portable equipment. For office or corporate appointments, carpet cleaning services use the truck-mounted carpet steam cleaning equipment. This is because they are more powerful and guarantee efficiency.


DIY carpet steam cleaning has been made easier with the availability of steam carpet cleaners. You may choose to hire or buy these machines if you choose to undertake this job. The following is a step by step breakdown of the cleaning process.

1. Vacuum

As preparation for the carpet steam cleaning, get rid of dust and loose particles by vacuuming your carpet.


2. Stain removal

Start from the edge of your carpet and work towards the center. Use any cleaning agent you presently have in the house to soak and clean out the stains.

3. Load your cleaning agent and water

On the steam carpet cleaner, there are two tanks labeled agent and water (In some cases it’s A and B). Load your cleaning agent where applicable and water into the other tank as per instructions on the machine. Once you’ve done this you are ready to steam clean your carpet.

4. Steam Clean

Start the steam carpet cleaner and be sure to thoroughly guide the nozzle on every spot of your carpet. Be careful as you do this as the nozzle produces very hot water under high pressure.

5. Vacuum the resulting mixture

After finishing the process above, flip the corresponding switch on the machine and start vacuuming the dirty moisture. Be sure to keep track of the clean water levels in case you need to refill.

6. Conclusion

With that, you are done with your carpet steam cleaning. Let the carpet dry for a few hours before returning your furniture and big decorations.

From the factors listed above, it is clear to see why residents of Tallahassee, Midway, and Woodville would choose to hire professionals from Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. to handle their carpet steam cleaning.

​These dedicated professionals go above and beyond to help you maintain clean carpets while you find something more constructive to do with your time. Visit our website for more information on the various methods we can help you clean your carpets. Contact us or visit us to book an appointment with us. 

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