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Are you in need of a professional area rug cleaning?
Is your store bought rug shampooer not removing stains effectively?  

Our professional rug cleaning service will deeply penetrate your rug’s stains, removing any allergens, bacteria or dust that has accumulated over time.

We work with a variety of rug types such as:

  • Natural Fibers: wool, cotton, jute, sisal
  • Synthetic Fibers: nylon, olefin

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The cleaning of your Persian or oriental rug should be handled with extreme care and precision.

Our treatment service ensures the original condition of the piece is maintained throughout the entire process.

We will handle your rug with the utmost care but make sure you get the deepest clean possible. Our professional rug steam cleaner uses a mild shampoo that is ammonia-free to prevent damaging the rug. 

Not sure when to get this service? Lift up a corner of your rug and shake the corner hard. If you see dust, it’s time for a clean. 

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One of our more popular methods of cleaning is our steam cleaning method. We use it on carpets and on other types of fabrics as well.

Rugs can be treated with this method in the same way and deliver the same beautiful results. Sometimes rugs need to be cleaned inside the home to guarantee a thorough cleaning and drying process.

No matter which technique we choose, you will be satisfied with the results from our rug cleaning service.


The way you dry your rug is a crucial last step that will determine whether or not you maintain its integrity during the whole cleaning process. 

Laying out your rug in the sun is highly discouraged as this tends to harden the fabric and deconstruct its original shape. However, drying your rugs in the shade may not only increase drying time, but can lead to unpleasant odors that can be hard to get rid of. 

That’s why we apply different drying methods based on your rug type.


Fabric type will always determine your custom cleaning plan.

Some cleaning jobs may take longer than others, but we always aim to give our clients the most accurate estimate once we’ve done a thorough inspection of what you would like to get cleaned.

Give us a call today and we would be happy to answer any questions you may have. 

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