How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Professionally Cleaned?




Carpets are a way to beautify your home. They can add an extra something special and can be the perfect thing to pull the look of a room together. But carpets also collect a lot of gunk over the years of use, especially living in a more dust-prone state like Florida. From dust to discarded food, it can all hide in the threads of your carpet.

Most people don’t clean their carpets often enough, although there are a lot of businesses that do just that, like Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. There are a lot of things to consider in determining how often to clean your carpets, but people most commonly have their carpets professionally cleaned once a year. You can always depend on Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. for your commercial carpet cleaning requirements. 


First, it is important to realize the significance of living in Tallahassee when talking about cleaning carpets. Florida is usually hit by hurricanes and is subject to more humidity than other regions.

This means that you need to exert more effort in keeping your household safe and healthy. It also means that you need to clean your carpets more often so that it will be more sanitary and it will last longer to get the most out of your investment.

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It seems pretty obvious, but there are a lot of reasons to make sure your carpets are regularly professionally cleaned. A professional can thoroughly clean the carpet and maintain it for years to come. The air quality in your home can be improved because dust won’t be accumulating as much on your rugs.

This type of cleaning is a lot of work, but it’s not something that should be done only when you notice small stains. Professional cleaning should be done regularly throughout the years to stay on top of all the dirt and dust that accumulates. Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. not only gives your carpet a shine but also gets rid of germs that can affect the health of your family.


Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. recommends that you clean carpet according to their classification.

Exterior carpets should be professionally cleaned over and under every four to six weeks because these are the rugs that are exposed to the elements.
Interior carpets used for flooring should be cleaned lightly once a month but a heavy cleaning, meaning getting the gunk on the underside of the rug also, needs to occur at least once a year. Carpets that are especially dirty or have had a lot of traffic may need to be cleaned more frequently.

But even then, Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Co. will give you a cleaning plan to follow and allow you to give input as to which areas should be cleaned more often and which areas can do with less frequent treatment.
Cleaning your carpets regularly is a must to prevent the mold and mildew issues that can be disastrous for your carpets. Whether you have rugs in your home or you have carpeting, it’s important to pay attention to the wear and tear and keep your carpets in good shape.
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