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Carpets are tried and tested when in terms of being a reliable flooring style.  It has been used throughout the years for different establishments and houses. Carpet flooring is oftentimes connotated with sophistication, class, and exclusivity.  But it can also reflect warmth, security, and comfort.

As of present, there are different variations of patterns and cuts for carpeting. Some examples of them are Frieze, Berber, Plush, and the commercial carpeting.   All of them gives a different characteristic ranging from function to durability. Identifying the right carpet style that will suit your needs is an important decision to make. Listed below is a list of different carpet types to guide you in your choice.

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The patterned carpet is a great accent for neutral décor and furnishings. This carpet type gives the surrounding an elegant designer vibe that traditional styles can not do. It is created from a combination of cut and looped fibers to make squared, linear, dotted, and even geometric designs.


This is considered by many to be the most ideal carpet design for any room.  A plush carpet is one of the most popular and in-demand carpet styles. It is smoother and has a level surface that can reflect subtle tones of your chosen color and highlights. Because of its traditional look, and universal style, it became a popular choice for a lot of people


If you are looking for a low-key carpet, the Berber style carpet type is the way to go.  Its casual style that gives comfort is loved by people. This carpet is made of thick loops of yarn with flecks of color, and a hearty surface. This is said to be suitable and just fits right in rooms with high traffic.


The frieze carpet design is distinguished by its shaggy look and twisted fibers. The kind of texture that this carpet has been known for also helps in concealing dirt. Various patterns and designs can be associated with the frieze carpet.  They can be uniformly colored, contain patches of color, or have a barber pole effect, having different colors of yarn twisted together.


The versatile Indoor & Outdoor type carpet design is created for interior rooms and/or covered spaces such as sunrooms, porches, and patios. It is also ideal in places with volatile temperatures. This type of carpet may also resist mildew, moisture, and color fading from sunlight exposure.

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This type of carpet falls into two categories: it is either the broadloom, wall-to-wall carpet, or it is a mosaic of patterned carpet tiles. The commercial carpet design is perfect for areas with a lot of daily foot traffic.  A commercial-grade carpet is designed with an emphasis on strength and ease of maintenance.Looking forward to get the right carpet flooring design for your home?
We know that it can sometimes be too much for you to decide on the different aspects of purchasing the right carpet for your flooring. 

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