5 Essential Carpet Cleaning Tips for Tallahassee Homes




With so many floor coverings available today from carpet, hardwood, ceramic tiles, stones, polished concrete and, so on, deciding what to put on your floor could be a tough decision. Nevertheless, a perfectly specified, installed and maintained good quality carpet would keep its appearance for many years to come.

Carpet adds several significant benefits to the home such as improving the indoor climate as it retains airborne dust particles, carpet offers good insulation allowing energy saving of up to 10% during cold winter especially in Tallahassee.

What’s less well known, however, is that carpets are sound-absorbing and are also the most versatile type of flooring as the possibilities are endless.

However, the biggest advantage and perhaps disadvantage too is that it’s too soft and plush which in turn can make it very difficult to clean especially if you fall victim to greasy stains, spills bloodstains, and so on. Do not be worried, however, as we’re here to share 5 essential carpet cleaning tips to keep your carpet as new.

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The first instinct when your wine takes a tumble is to rub it away. This is the wrong thing to do as rubbing or scrubbing a stain would damage the carpet fibers and encourage the stain to embed deeper. Blotting only aims to absorb the stain by applying a small amount of pressure on the stain.

To remove a stain, grab an absorbent cloth, sponge, or paper towel and from outside, blot the stain inward towards the center as blotting to the outward edge can spread the stain further across the carpet. Blotting might not be the solution to all stains as if you happen to find chewing gum on your carpet, just get some ice cubes and leave them on the gum for about 2 minutes. The gum would freeze quickly and then you can scrape off either with a spoon or butter knife.

Steam cleaning an office carpet


In a perfect world, the best way to keep your carpet spick-and-span is to regularly deep clean your carpet at least twice a year and more often if you have young children or pets using a steam cleanerSteam cleaning involves using a cleaning solution preferably hot water under pressure injected deep into the carpet through its nozzles.

The steam and hot water penetrate the carpet fibers to help loosen any embedded soil, dust, or greasy deposits. You might want to focus on deep cleaning high traffic areas like the living room, the kitchen, door entrance, and the bathroom. But, if you find deep cleaning tedious and you need help with the process you can call Tallahassee professional carpet cleaning service.

If you have wet carpet, there’s no time to lose. To learn more about the best thing to do when your carpet gets wet, you need to consider several things when drying wet carpets.


One of the toughest stains to get rid of on a carpet is also bloodstains because it coagulates with heat so fast. Hydrogen peroxide would however get the stain out as if it never existed there at all.

Firstly, mix water with mild detergent and dampen in a clean cloth and use it to blot to loosen up dried blood.

Then, pour hydrogen peroxide directly on the stain, this would begin to foam and fizz, however, don’t fret but rather wait a few minutes and blot with a clean cloth or paper towel until the stain is gone.

You can go ahead to repeat as necessary to remove any trace of the bloodstain on the carpet.


Greasy stains can also be classified as a stubborn stain as removing one can be attributed to the use of proper technique and product. To remove a grease stain, prepare a solution using a few drops of grease-cutting dish soap like Dawn and warm water, gently mix the solution to dissolve the soap.

Pour the cleaning solution into a spray bottle, sop the greasy stain, and blot away with a clean cloth. You might repeat this multiple times depending on the size of the greasy stain.

For more general air quality tips, check out the professional cleaning services, which will keep your Home indoor air quality clean.


In a situation where the floor and carpet padding is soaked in water as well, you would have to expose the carpet padding to also dry. You would need to remove the carpet over the wet area and this can be done using a pair of pliers or carpet puller and pull it away from the padding.

Once the padding is exposed, you can use the shop vac here also to extract as much water here as possible after which you can go ahead to towel dry to completely dry the padding.

Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Using Vacuum Cleaner With Dirt Being Removed

Professional carpet cleaners are crucial in maintaining a clean workplace and home. They can keep not only the fibers looking new but improve the aesthetics of the room. Here are the benefits if you hire Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Company.

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