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Even with this range of products from which to choose from carpeting still maintains its popularity in the flooring industry.

​Currently there is a wide variety of flooring products – cork, wood, timber, tile vinyl, laminate, bamboo and many more.

Research shows that the carpeting industry in the US created over $10 billion in revenue in 2019 this accounts to about 51% of the total flooring market as indicated by the U.S. Census Bureau.

Leave alone its warmth and softness, carpeting is loved because it requires little maintenance as compared to hard surface floors. In fact, all you need to do to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh is frequent vacuuming and an occasional deep-clean scrubbing.

Even if you uphold stringent rules against spills, splashes or messy accidents they are bound to happen sooner or later. You might benefit from knowing how carpet cleaning professionals handle these issues, Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning co, Experts in Tallahassee, Midway, Woodville walks us through the tips, tricks and processes honed 30 years in the business.

Part of professional carpet cleaning is to educate carpet owners on ways  to ensure they maintain their carpets fresh look.

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In case a stain or spill occurs, fight the itchy sensation to immediately start scrubbing, this pushes the stain deeper  down into the carpeting. The better option would be to dab the spot with the stains gently using a cleaning solution and sponge or paper towel.

Blotting is the key; Tallahassee carpet cleaning co recommends that you apply a little pressure on the stain thus allowing you to soak it up. Unless you don’t want premature breakdown of your carpets strands avoid rubbing, causing particles to get ground into carpet strands.

Avoid blotting outwards which can 1spread the stain wider instead blot from the outward part of the stain as you work yourself inwards towards the center of the stain.


Club soda can be used as a recipe for carpet cleaning, cleaning beer and wine stains from your carpet but only if used correctly. We recommend that you pour some club soda on a piece of sponge and use it to blot the stain until it disappears. In occasions where it will not work mix white vinegar and water equal ratios and pour into a spray bottle.

Spray the mixture where the stain is and give it about 20 minutes for the carpet to soak it up, find a dry piece of sponge, paper towel or sponge and press on the stain. Re-do the procedure until the stain is gone and your carpet is back to its flawless nature.

When the stain is cleared rinse the spot with warm water. Use your fingers to return the carpet strand back to their normal position. The final step is to lay a dry piece of cloth over the wet area and weigh it down with a heavy object like a dictionary. Allow the pieces of cloth to soak up the moisture until the wet carpet is dry, this might take about 24hrs.


Weirdly enough at Tallahassee carpet cleaning, we believe that the best cleaner for common stains is shaving cream. Shaving cream solves most stain issues, all you have to do is apply the cream at the stained area and let it sit for about half an hour, then blot it with a sponge.

Spray the stained area with a half in half mixture of water and vinegar then wipe away the solution with a dry piece of cloth.

Carpet cleaning using with soap


Coincidentally you might step on gum when you’re out and about and without your knowledge track back the piece of gum back to your house and on to your carpet. Luckily the trick to cleaning gum from your carpeting might be in your house for those who have freezers.

A few ice cubes will do the trick, just press them on the gum for a minute until the gum turns solid. When the gum is solid, find a spoon to lift off the glob, then keenly cut the carpet strands with the remaining gum, if done correctly the spot you cut will not be noticeable. This is a tip from our professional carpet cleaner master tricks which ensures total gum removal from carpeting.


Greasy stains are among the hardest types of stains to clean whether it’s on your clothes or on carpeting but with the right products and procedure cleaning greasy stains is achievable. Tallahassee carpet cleaning co has a technique for you that leaves your carpet grease free. Mix grease cutting soap with a cup of warm water.

​Store your solution in a spray bottle, spray the solution onto the greasy part and blot it with a sponge. Re do the procedure over and over until the greasy stain disappears.

sanitizing a carpeted floor in a Tallahassee residence


There comes a time when you might need to burn a candle inside the house be it a romantic occasion or just because you feel like it. Whatever the occasion you should know that candle wax might drop onto your carpet and here is a procedure from Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning co.

​We recommend heating the wax turning it from it’s hardened state to semi-liquid state, which will be easier to scrape off your carpet fibers. Put a towel or piece of texture over a press box, ideally with the no steam setting on.

​Allow the wax to melt then scoop off the heated wax which is now in a semi liquid state with a butter knife.


 We all have an idea of hydrogen peroxide interaction with blood. That’s why suffering a paper cut and getting your carpet stained doesn’t mean it’s a permanent damage. Hydrogen peroxide will save you any day all the time. Basically, all you have to do is loosen up dried blood with water in a mixture of mild detergent.

​Use a blunt knife to scrape the stain from the fibers gently as you apply pressure on the tougher stain. At last, on the leftover blood, apply concentrated hydrogen peroxide specifically to the stain. The solution will start to foam and fizz on contact with the blood easy right. Find a clean cloth and use it to clean the remnants.


Pets can be favorite but it’s a matter of time before they cause an accident on your puffy carpet and that’s where we got you sorted. We recommend purely the use of organic cleaners such as Eco-88 or ZorbX, rather  than caustic chemicals.

Spray the cleaner directly on the stain. Some good scrubbing will be required to ensure all the stains and odor are gone, ultimately wipe up the cleaner with a white cloth or paper towel. Luckily again for these nontoxic cleaners do remove a range of stains including coffee and sauces.


You hosted a kid’s party and your carpet is all stuck with candy, problem but here is a way around it before you think of searching for ‘rug cleaning near me?’. We advise that you first try and scrape out the candy with a butter knife. Then, soak the area with a sponge dipped in water mixed with mild detergent.

​Very important to ensure that all the sugar is scraped off for its stickiness and this will eventually attract dirt and debris on that spot. And that’s how to crush candy off your carpet but don’t forget to dry the spot by blotting it with a cotton cloth or paper towel.


It always feels good to have your carpet look fresh and new, the best way to do it is to regularly steam clean your carpet. This way you get your carpet cleaned under high pressure alongside a cleaning solution  that’s injected deep clean carpet fabric via water-jet nozzles.

The cleaning machine eventually extracts the cleaning solution alongside all the debris  and   dirt leaving your carpet spotless.  Preferably for a four person household cleaning can be done every six months; for steam cleaning can be a very effective way.

​The hot water and steam penetrates the carpet fibers all the way down to the backing to loosen any embedded dust , soil  or greasy contents leaving your carped sparkling. Deep cleaning has been a game changer in carpet cleaning and indoor air quality to become your old carpet to brand new carpet.

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