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Why should you invest in the best professional carpet cleaning service in Tallahassee?

Routine professional carpet cleaning sessions not only helps maintain the beauty of your floors, but is imperative to your health as well.

Carpets need more than just a vacuum.

Dirt, dust, bacteria, and allergens can quickly accumulate within the fibers of your carpet – whether at home or in your office. Though not always visible, these contaminants can pollute the air and lead to health risks.

Our carpet stain removal services will protect your investment by giving you the cleanest and most thorough clean. Our techniques utilize deep clean extraction methods with advanced equipment.

We also sanitize, deodorize, and apply stain-resistant protectants so you can feel confident your carpets will feel lavishly new after the whole process.

And if you still need convincing of the value of professional carpet cleaning, check out our guide on the 10 benefits of professional carpet cleaning.


Each carpet type is different and requires different cleaning solutions.

Before any carpet cleaning service, we conduct a proper inspection of your flooring to ensure you receive the most beautiful and effective results.

Once we determine the correct solution for your carpet type, our trusted and friendly team of Tallahassee’s best carpet cleaners will work to remove stubborn dirt and stains with effectiveness and care and knows how to remove carpet dents.

And because we know that not all carpet spills and stains need a professional, we put together a guide on top carpet cleaning tips which you should check out before you call us if you don’t mind a bit of D.I.Y.

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There are many carpet types out there and we specialize in them all:

  • loop pile carpet:
    • berber, level loop, multi-level loop
  • cut pile carpet
    • saxony, textured, frieze, pattern

Even though our methods utilize as little water as possible, steam cleaning is not always the go-to option when it comes to the make of your carpet.

That’s why we provide a variety of carpet cleaning methods to give our clients the best results. Some of these techniques include using potent vacuum cleaners and other types of equipment.

Our main goal is to deep clean your carpet while still maintaining its durability. And we do this by providing proper care both with your own cleaning process and by way of a regular carpet cleaning service. That is why it is also useful to work out the dimensions of your home in advance of seeking a professional carpet cleaning quote.

There is a variety of professional services related to the cleaning of rugs and carpets and here are the best professional carpet cleaning methods.

And then there is the issue of wet carpets. If you suffer a flood or a really large liquid spill, you need to get your carpets dried quickly to prevent mold build up. Check out our wet carpet dying service.


Most office buildings and storefronts will have some form of carpet flooring installed.

These types of carpets are usually not as thick or possess the same qualities that you find in a home. This gives many people the wrong impression, and they think that they can clean them out just with soap and water. But, not all store bought carpet shampooers can effectively do the job without professional help.

Our services can be scheduled before or after business hours so that your work day remains uninterrupted. Our team is available 24/7 to carry out the job efficiently and effectively.


The most common carpet cleaning myth is that a professional carpet cleaner service can deteriorate a carpet’s quality and longevity.

However, professional carpet cleaning has been proven to be extremely beneficial, not only in maintaining the look and feel of your carpet, but protecting your health from hazardous contaminants as well. 

The cleanliness of your carpet lies beyond the surface. A professional carpet cleaning service provides solutions that penetrate deep within the fabric of your carpet to ensure it is properly and thoroughly cleaned. 

In fact Professional Carpet Cleaning has a lot of pros, a key benefit being that your indoor air quality will improve with frequent professionally cleaned carpets. 

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