What Determines Professional Carpet Cleaning Costs?




Hiring Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Company for a professional carpet cleaning service each year will increase the longevity and maintain the freshness of your carpets.

​Our cleaning process will remove dirt that is entrenched in carpet fibers and we will tackle difficult patches with professional carpet cleaning solution products including stain remover. Without our carpet cleaning expertise you will be exposed to hidden bacteria and dust particles that are accentuated with every step taken.

Beyond the health risks posed, you will want to maintain the quality, freshness and durability of your carpet investment by providing proper care both with your own cleaning process and by way of a regular carpet cleaning service.

Not only will this improve the air quality in your home but it will ensure your warranty remains valid for carpets that require this regular service as part of their terms.

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The price you pay for a cleaning service will vary in Tallahassee and throughout Florida, depending on the reputation and service of the company. The layout of your house and condition of your carpet will also be factors to bear in mind. If you have a regular cleaning process for your carpets then this will help alleviate some of the work and costs associated with a professional carpet clean.

A square shaped room with a well-kept carpet and smaller dimensions will demand a smaller fee. If you need additional services such as carpet cleaning upholstery, rug cleaning, pet stain removal, deep clean or water damage restoration, then you should naturally expect the costs to add up. The prices vary widely but Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Company provides a service suited to your needs and budget.


It is useful to work out the dimensions of your home in advance of seeking a professional carpet cleaning quote. This will be the easiest way to quickly establish a rough estimate as to your costs and this is standard practice in the industry. Work out how many rooms you want to have cleaned and tally up the square footage of each room.

You will want to make a rough note of any additional services needed and note the state of your carpet and your current cleaning process before getting in touch with the professional carpet service.

Areas that are more difficult to reach may incur extra charges due to specific tools needed to provide that extra love and care to your carpet. For example stairways and unconventionally shaped rooms, will take more time and additional materials to provide the results you are seeking.

Pet stains will demand additional costs if you are seeking to remove odors from your carpet. Your vacuum cleaner will unfortunately only do so much here.

Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Company has professional cleaning products to ensure you can remove any stains and breathe new life into your carpet.

As well as providing a clean, or upholstery service, our team can provide additional services that protect your carpet and we welcome any requests to make sure you are satisfied in the long term.

Does your room have furniture in it?

You might assume an unfurnished room would demand a lesser fee due to a lack of obstruction to the cleaning process but carpet cleaning prices are in fact often lower for furnished rooms due to the reduced surface area. The going rate for cleaning a furnished room is approximately 50% lower than an unfurnished room with similar dimensions.

If you have chosen a dry-cleaning service for your carpet then the prices between unfurnished and furnished will not have as much variance.

Cost of Labor


A professional carpet cleaning and the prices involved in the cleaning service will be subject to the amount of manual labor that is involved. This is the biggest single cost and you will want to consider how many people are needed for your clean.
Labor intensive services such as a deep clean, carpet cleaning upholstery and water damage restoration may demand more work for the professionals and this will dictate your overall fee.


You are likely to have a carpet made up of synthetic fibers. The majority of carpets use these materials but carpets made of wool, or a combination of both materials are also commonplace. At Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Company, we can help you establish which type of carpet you own and work with you to draw up a suitable cleaning service.

The price for different carpet cleaning services shouldn’t alter hugely depending on your fiber count but the materials will determine different techniques and resources needed that will have an effect on overall costs. If you have a wool carpet or perhaps require a wool rug cleaning service, the cleaning process will be slightly different and normally mean a dry-clean is the most suitable option.


You will either require a dry-clean for wool carpets, or a water-based steam cleaning for synthetic carpets.

Water-based Steam Cleaning Services

The cleaning process for performing a professional carpet clean using hot water or steam uses pressurized machinery to get the best results.

Professional products will be applied to your carpet before the machine enables the cleaning agents to root into the carpet fibers. The cleaning machine is able to seek out and remove dirt as well as removing any stains.

Carpet water cleaner used by experts in Tallahassee

Dry-cleaning Carpets

Whilst this is a different cleaning service in technique, the outcomes remain largely the same. To begin with, professional dry cleaning products are applied to your carpet. The carpet cleaner will apply tools to enable the loosening of carpet fibers that will help address dirt particles hidden in your carpet. The cleaning products will be vacuumed up with professional tools that also remove dirt from your carpets.

The cleaning process for a dry-clean is less labor intensive and quicker to carry out. This means a hot water, or steam clean normally demands a higher fee.


At Tallahassee Carpet Cleaning Company, we are able to provide rug cleaning and oriental rug cleaning either in your home, or you have the often preferential option to send your rug off for a professional clean. Prices for either service will be determined by the size of your rug as well as the materials that it is made up of.

We welcome tailor-made enquiries and requests for any area rug cleaning requirement you have. When hiring your annual carpet cleaning service, it might be a good time to consider sending your rugs off for a clean as well but we are happy to work with you on a case-by-case basis to meet your needs.


  • To avoid pet stains, rather than retrospectively applying a stain remover solution, you may consider using stain-resistant products to help keep dirt out.
  • Make sure you are on top of your vacuum cleaning process. Ideally you will be looking to take this on a couple of times a week to ensure dirt particles do not become entrenched in your carpet.
  • Keep on top of your rug cleaning and remember to vacuum under rugs.
  • Make sure you book in your annual professional carpet cleaning service.
  • When you have had a professional clean, keep protective blocks in place for a couple of days afterwards.
  • Try and make time to clean your furniture before cleaning your carpets and rugs and plan your cleaning process to ensure this is happening in harmony to ensure any dirt from your furniture is captured and removed.
  • Try and make time to clean your furniture before cleaning your carpets and rugs and plan your cleaning process to ensure this is happening in harmony to ensure any dirt from your furniture is captured and removed.
  • If you are using a stain remover product then it is a good idea to apply this to an area of your carpet that is out of sight, to test the results before using it on other areas.
  • Stain remover products should be applied immediately to avoid long-term damage to your carpets. There are some great professional products out there but a simple solution of water mixed with liquid detergent is effective.
  • Check any materials you are laying on top of your carpets, like throw-rugs, to ensure they do not bleed any color.
  • By tactically placing mats by doors and heavily trodden areas, you will be able to remove dirt on entry and maintain the freshness and longevity of your carpets and rugs.

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