The Top Benefits of Carpets at Home




There a so many options when it comes to choosing the right flooring material for your home or office. Some of these options are Laminated, Hardwood and Vinyl. Sometimes it can be a challenge to pick one because these flooring options all have their advantages, disadvantages, appeal, and benefit. 
Other people often ask if floor carpeting has an edge over the other options. Using carpets for your house or business’ flooring shows several distinct advantages when compared to other hard surfaces. Take a look below to see some of the benefits when you choose to install carpets for your floor design.

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With numerous cuts, patterns, and color combinations, there are a lot of ways to fulfill your style choice when it comes to carpet floors. Ranging from casual and comfy to luxurious and sophisticated, carpets can give a space an entirely different vibe.

​You can also immediately change the mood of the room just by replacing the design of the carpet.  Go for an organized and patterned carpeting for a formal room or a long frieze type design for a more relaxed space.  

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Prolonged walking on hard flooring surfaces sometimes makes your feet hurt and your body sore and achy. This type of flooring gives your body a bit of nudge underfoot each step you take because these hard surfaces are just that hard.

Hard surfaces lack shock absorbers that is why every time you walk on one, your body absorbs the impact rather than the floor.

Carpet flooring offers you the comfort of not just walking on it, but also when you lay and sit on it too.

​Some carpet flooring designs have an underpad feature that increases the efficiency of its shock-absorbing capabilities. Due to its flexibility and cushioning, it now becomes easier for a person to stand and/or walk on a carpeted floor for long periods.


Having carpet flooring in your house can reduce the heat that is being lost during the cold winter season. Being an excellent provider of insulation for a space, having a carpet inside your home can contribute to lessening your expenses in heating.

Studies show that a thicker carpet can give out a higher insulation value regardless of its fiber type.

So, the carpet flooring’s underpad feature has its heat-retaining capability. In conjunction, your carpet and its underpad can greatly provide proper insulation to your home’s indoor environment.  Carpet flooring can also offer you with a psychological feeling of warmth. 


Through the years, it has become a common conception and long-running debate that having carpeted floor aggravates ailments such as asthma and allergies.

However, numerous studies over recent years have constantly shown that having carpet flooring helps. It gives more benefits to people having a hard time breathing or with allergies.

​This is because carpets trap dust, allergens, and other contaminants, holding them until they can be thoroughly cleaned and taken out.  This attribute of carpets, according to studies, help relieve the burden caused by allergies and breathing-related sicknesses.


Ever been inside a room where there is no carpet. You will somehow notice that sound bounces off the walls and creates an echo inside the room.

This is because spaces with hard surfaces and has no carpet floors in it cannot absorb sound.
Carpeted floors contribute to a much quieter space. This type of flooring helps absorb sound that is why it is the most popular choice for bedrooms and hallways.

​The unique characteristic of carpets to absorb sound can be made more efficient by adding a padding under it. Paddings or cushions under the carpet flooring enhance the absorption of sound which means quieter spaces inside your home.


Slip and fall accidents usually occur on hard surface floors. Hard surfaced flooring sometimes can be slippery and they are not much enjoyable to land on when slips do ensue.

When you have young and elderly members living with you, safety in your house is of utmost importance. These members of your family usually have mobility issues and they can have a hard time moving through hard surfaced flooring, particularly on stairs.

Proper selection of carpet flooring helps you increase safety by minimizing the chance of slips and falls.
And if a slip or a fall does happen, carpet flooring provides a soft-landing space which greatly minimizes the risk of injury. 


Generally, carpet flooring costs much less than the hard-surfaced ones.

This is because the flooring installation process of hardwood floorings entails more preparation and effort. Some of the requirements before installation are:

–        The sub-floor must meet commonly accepted requirements, and/or
–        Existing flooring must be properly coated.

By having a carpet installed to your floor, the said requirements can be bypassed and those concerns can be eliminated. Carpet type floors can be installed directly over a variety of sub-floors with far less strict conditions.

Also, carpeted floors require less effort to clean and maintain. This can help you minimize expenses and save you a great amount. Carpet flooring installation can provide you and your family tons of benefits when you choose this type of floor design for your home.

It can also help your business’ office exude that professional look to attract more prospects and clients.
Excited to try carpet flooring? We can help you with that! Here in Tallahassee Carpets, we answer all your carpet flooring installation needs.

With a pool of professional and well-trained floor installers, you will be assured that your carpet floor will be positioned properly and tidily.

We specialize in the installation of different carpet flooring designs and styles. This service is available for homes and businesses alike. 

Our team of expert carpet installers can manage any aspect of the carpet installation process. From the consultation call, inspection, removal, and installation proper, you can put your trust and confidence in us in giving you a top-notch carpet installation service.

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